Liberal values and TNL T Comunica

Why Liberalism is so important for T Comunica and which is the definition of it?

For T Comunica, Liberalism is based on 6 major values:

  • Tolerance
  • Pluralism
  • Freedom
  • Freedom with Responsability
  • Free Market
  • Private Property
  • Human Rights

Although these concepts are fundamental values that any society should be based on, we are wondering if they are respected all over the world.

Do we really have Liberal societies or do we take the world as it is, forgotting some of the most important needs of a human being?

Just stop and think for a moment about the challenges that represent  today a threat for Liberalism. We will take a closer look at challenges like: lack of Security, Equality, Free Elections, and most important lack of Education and of Information.

We believe that Romanian society should consider its actual position in respect with our Liberal past, since for all of us history is very important. We must remember  our predecesor’s struggles for Liberalism.  Gheorghe I. Brătianu, the  Romanian politician, leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), found his life’s end in Sighet prison fighting for our national Liberal values.

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The Communication Department of TNL Romania has now a BLOG

Hello friends form Romania and from of all over the world.

T Comunica has just created its own blog!

We are honered to meet you on a new social media interface  which is very important for us nowdays, since we are stuggling to COMMUNICATE in the IT age!

So happy to be here with you !

Kuss from Germany !


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